Advantages of Chartering (coming under the umbrella of) with Kingsway Fellowship International

KFI is authorized to offer church & religious organization charters, which will provide them with nonprofit status (501 c 3) under the KFI umbrella Group Ruling without costly time and excessive fees.

• Identification with an internationally recognized and experienced organization of over 40 years.
• Spiritual covering for those of “like precious Faith.”
• Receive a beautiful Charter Certificate showing you are in “good standing.”
• Possessing your own nonprofit status letter from KFI.
• Directions concerning registering in your state, (i.e. Articles of Incorporation or Association.)
• Privilege of giving donor receipts.
• Guidance to professional accountants, tax advisors, legal counsel, etc., specializing in ministry.
• Instruction and mediation when difficult problem areas are encountered.
• Assistance in” relocating” or “filling” vacant positions of Pastorates.
• World, regional & state conferences to furnish fellowship, spiritual revitalization, and “How To” workshops.
• Men & Women’s Conferences
• Annual Youth Camps
• World mission programs that give you the opportunity to visit mission fields in various countries and to support established mission works.

Opportunity to grow through Bible College Programs and Seminaries

All New Church Charter applicants must call the office at (515)283-0197 – for the proper application.

Download USA Church Charter Renewal Form

All New Religious Organization Charter applicants must call the office at (515)283-0197 – for the proper application.

Download USA Religious Organization Renewal Form

Note : Religious organizations must be focusing & involved in Evangelism and Teaching God’s Word. Email the Home Office ( to request applications if you are unable to download the above forms or need more information.