Christian Worker : Applicant is involved in Ministry of Helps such as evangelism, hospital visitation, jail ministry, etc.

Lay – Exhorter: Applicant is a apprentice working under an ordained ministers guidance with leadership and/or pulpit ministry in mind.

Licensed Minister: Applicant must first establish proof of a ” Call of God ” and be actively involved in ministry and working to obtain a theological education and/or significant life experience training.

Ordained Minister: Applicant must be an active licensed minister for a minimum of 2 years with a proven successful ministry track record and a Theology Degree (or) extensive life experience.

Allow 60-90 days for your application to be processed. **All New USA Ministerial Application forms MUST be accompanied with :

1. The Application Fee
2. Three months tithe/offering
3. Two pastoral recommendation forms
4. A Christian Service Resume (if desired, request sample). When all the above items are received, then the application will be presented to the Credential Committee.

***All Non-USA Citizens living in the USA must also present a copy of their current Visa or green card

****After a review of the credential application and recommendations, the granting of all credentials will be at the discretion of the KFI Credential Committee.

Download :
USA Ministerial New Application Form
USA Ministerial Renewal Application Form

International Applicants
International applicants must email the KFI Home Office at first for the proper application, national superintendent’s address and tithe/offering requirements for their particular country.