Bishop/Executive Overseer - Dr. William Jenkins, H.D.D.  (2005 - Present)

Dr.Jenkins has served as an officer/Board Member since 1978 and became Bishop/Executive Overseer of KFI in 2005. Today he oversees the work of KFI Ministries, missionaries and churches in over 50 nations, always considering the wise counsel of the Executive Board of directors and othe executive officers.

Asst. Executive Overseer - Dr.Ronald Breese, D.Min ( 2013 - Present )

Dr.Breese began his service as Asst. Executive Overseer in 2013 after many years of service on the KFI Executive Board of Directors, as well as, many fruitful years of Pastoral Ministry. His primary responsibility are facilitating growth within KFI chartered churches and ministries in the USA. He also provides leadership to KFI men's ministers in the USA.

Word Mission Overseers - Rev. John & Shirley Helmuth ( 2013 to Present )

The Helmuth's serve the fellowship by coordinating international conventions/conferences, leading ministry teams to minister in KFI Missions fields and establishing relationships with KFI missionaries, national superintendents and ministers world wide. They assumed this position in 2013 after 25 years of International travel and ministry. 

Emeritus Overseers of World Missions - Drs. Robert & Glenyce Doorn (1971 to 2012)

Duties are: Serving the fellowship by coordinating international conferences, establishing strong relationships with national ministers around the world and overseers of national superintendents, ambassadors, and coordinators.


Rev. Sherry Jenkins

Dr. Lynn Nicholson

Rev. Jeramy Breese